The track opens 8pm EVERY Friday night starting Friday, APRIL 1st, 200
Gates open at 8pm
$6.00 Admission
$2.00 To Race

So get those cars tuned up and join us for some of the BEST racing around... right here at your fun track...SPOKANE RACEWAY PARK!!

FNSR Program to yield "8 and 9 second rides" in LMS Class

Hog, Intrcptr90, rrocco, standingnovation, cudaboy, chub_luver, mustangdan, ilwolfli, hilly, mullet_mobile, brett, etc, etc, you know who you are, the time is coming near where the spring will be here to see who's got what it takes to make it through the traps sporting the 8, 9, second time slips.

Coming the Spring of 2004, you don't want to miss out on the highly competitive last man standing program, during the Friday Night Street Racing competition.  A lot of the entries in 2003 not only were running 11 and 10 second passes, but were breaking into the 9 second range.  And get this, everyone of them were street legal rides.  Yes folks, they weren't your typical grocery getters, but in their trunks the beer was cleaned out, and replaced by today's choice of a bottle .... NOS.

Most people think that this is a cheap quick fix for quick ET's, but ask any of them, they spent thousands and thousands of dollars to make their daily drivers run the numbers.  With the off season upon us, these few street legal warriors, who have sworn off racing on the streets of our community, are scrambling night and day, to find that extra tenth (of course when they are not working to support their new habit), and bringing their rigs, not on trailers, to the track to impress upon the thousands of young new fans, what drag racing is all about.  No electronics, not throttle stops, no delay boxes .... just all out horsepower and driving ability putting the drag race back on the starting line where it once begun.  A competition with no Christmas tree, no 60 foot times, no 8th mile, no quarter mile ET, or speed, just the drop of the hands and off they go.  If you would like a flashback to where the American Hot Rod Association began, back decades ago... stop out at Spokane Raceway Park on any Friday night next race season after dark, and witness for yourself the rebirth of drag racing AHRA style.


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