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You might have seen the exploits of Lewis Hamilton and probably wondered what you might need to do to become an equally successful driver. The truth is that it takes a huge investment in both time and money to race at the highest level. Most successful drivers will have spent years in anonymity before hitting the headlines. In fact, some drivers never go beyond the novice level. This, however, does not mean that it is impossible to make it in car racing – if others have done it, you too can.

Start early
Some of the most successful race car drivers started honing their skills at very tender ages and it therefore helps to start racing as early as possible. As a parent of a child who might have shown interest in racing, the easiest way to introduce the child to racing would be by introducing him or her to karting. The skills learnt in go-karting provide a great foundation that will prove very useful when the child eventually starts racing cars. Entering the child in karting competitions is therefore highly recommended.

Enter amateur races
When you eventually reach the legal driving age and can now race cars, the ideal way to keep your professional racing dream alive would be by registering in amateur races. Such races do not only help you hone your driving skills but also help you acquire the confidence you’ll need for success in pro racing. Your confidence will get a massive boost every time you win a race.

Learn about race cars
Race cars and passenger cars are worlds apart and to succeed as a pro racer you’ll need to know as much as you can about race cars. Fortunately, there are sources of info about race cars and you can start by reading all you can from the internet. To learn even more about race cars it’d help to register for an auto mechanics course which you can take online or by attending college.

Start networking
Racing is a very expensive sport that is beyond the reach of most people unless they get sponsored. Not many people can afford to buy race cars and the other tools necessary in racing. If you are a great driver however, it becomes easy to get sponsorships so that you might never have to worry about buying your own car. That is why it helps to start networking as early as possible as it is the people in your network who could direct you to sponsors.
The easiest way to start networking would be by volunteering to work with a pro driver. Such drivers are usually part of a big team and they usually have many tasks that can be done by volunteers. In addition to meeting the pros, volunteering will help you gain further skills as some teams usually provide training for volunteers.

Work as intern with a racing company or attend racing school
Racing is big business and to succeed as a pro racer you’ll need to understand how it is run. There would be no better way to understand the business than working as intern with a racing

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